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Wandpaneele Deckenpaneele 3d Paneele IKHEMalarka


  • Panels are self-adhesive and stick very well to any surface. Of course, exceptions may apply, but panels have been tested from wood, wallpaper and tiles. Assembly is easier here than with standard panels that have to be attached with assembly adhesive, but tearing off the adhesive tape strip should be done with sensitivity, precision and patience. It is best to slowly scrape off the edge with a knife.
  • Please be careful when assembling! After the panel has been laid, dismantling may cause damage to both the wall/ceiling and the panel.
  • The adhesive tape consists of an acrylate foam core and has a very strong effect. The moment the adhesive tape is applied and pressed, a chemical reaction takes place and the adhesive begins to “work”, which can cause smells, which should disappear after a short time. Odors are of course not harmful. Adhesive strips come from solid manufacturers.
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