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What could be better than giving your home a new look? We think: Nothing is as fun as redesigning your own four walls! Be it due to renovation work, a move or the simple fact that you need a change of wallpaper – our wall panels are self-adhesive and give any room a new and fresh look. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom or office, the wall coverings with geometric patterns are available in different colors – order self-adhesive panels from IKHEmalarka now!

Self-adhesive panels – the advantages at a glance

Our polystyrene wall panels have a self-adhesive surface and are light in weight. This means you can create a real eye-catcher in your home even without any craftsmanship experience. The cladding is available in different textures and patterns - for a true-to-life architectural concrete look, we recommend, for example, the "Concrete Imitation Diamant 42!" However, for a cleaner look, we recommend the wall panels in white. The designs “White Diamond!”, “White Zircon!”, or “White Quartz!” are classics in living rooms and gaming rooms. These wall panels are available in white or black and are self-adhesive.

Our products offer impressive looks as well as an easy installation process. The wall panels in white, gray and black are self-adhesive, which saves you time and money when installing them. You can easily install the panels yourself and transform your room in a short time. However, we recommend choosing a flat wall that is properly primed. Nevertheless, the wall coverings cover minor imperfections in the plaster - so walls in stressed areas look like new and without any time-consuming renovation work!

All advantages at a glance:

inexpensive wall covering
light material
self-adhesive panels
Independent assembly required
time-saving wall covering
exciting designs
Can be combined in many ways
The wall panels from IKHEmalarka are self-adhesive and versatile. What makes them so special? In addition to their light weight, they also have a chic 3D look that gives dynamism and depth even to smaller rooms. Buy wall panels in white now and convince yourself of the self-adhesive coating!

Wall and ceiling panels – self-adhesive and stylistically adaptable

The 3D polystyrene wall panels from IKHEmalarka are versatile and shine in combination with different styles. But where exactly are the wall and ceiling panels suitable? And how do you best stage them? We have put together a few initial stylistic ideas for you. Be inspired and discover wall panels in white – self-adhesive and self-explanatory!

Living room

In the living room, the geometric wall panels are particularly popular behind the TV. Because the stylish panels put your TV wall in the foreground. The TV corner is often unsightly and difficult to design - with self-adhesive panels you can transform the unaesthetic living room area into a real eye-catcher. With a little skill, you can even use the wall panels to conceal tangled cables. Whether in a color that matches the gray or black television or in contrasting white, the wall panels with self-adhesive properties are a great investment in a beautiful home.


Anyone who prefers a quiet bedroom with exciting design elements can conjure up a new look on the bedroom wall behind their bed with the self-adhesive, white wall panels. The panels are also great on the ceiling. You can give high rooms in particular an interesting look in a simple and reserved way.

Gaming room

If you want to give your gaming empire an effective change of scenery, you should definitely try the self-adhesive panels from IKHEmalarka. The “Black Diamond!” and “Black Pyramid!” models give any room an attractively futuristic look. Try out the wall and ceiling panels now – self-adhesive, with a great look!


The wall panels with self-adhesive coating in gray or black are also a real visual highlight in the hallway! Whether behind the wardrobe to protect the walls, on the ceilings or halfway up the wall to visually extend the height of the room - the paneling from IKHEmalarka is perfect for a redesign here too!

Ceiling panels that are self-adhesive – best advice from IKHEmalarka

In addition to the outstanding appearance of our ceiling and wall panels with self-adhesive properties, we attach great importance to first-class service. With us you will find a wide selection of panels that offer you a variety of design options. Our unbeatable offers are the definition of value for money. We enable you to beautify several of your rooms inexpensively and in a simple way. However, you not only benefit from our attractive prices, but also from great service.

Our services not only include the sale of self-adhesive wall panels in gray, black and white, but also fast and reliable delivery. No matter whether you are a private or large customer, we ensure that your order reaches you as quickly as possible. If you act as a major customer and have a Europe-wide or even worldwide delivery

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