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Marble Optics

Would you like to let your home shine in an elegant design? Wall panels that look like marble are an eye-catcher with a wow effect. Marble has always been considered particularly decorative. Bring the sophisticated look into your home with marble-look wall panels. Discover the variety of our products.

Wall panels in marble look & more: We stand for quality & reliability

Our range includes wall and ceiling panels in various materials, colors, motifs and patterns. All products have one thing in common: high quality with a good price-performance ratio. Reliable manufacturers and organized logistical processes guarantee fast and satisfactory shipping. So you can be sure that the goods will arrive promptly and protected. Whether private or business customers in Europe or large customers worldwide – your satisfaction is our top priority. 20,000 satisfied customers within our first year of business alone and a five-star award from Trusted Shops confirm our success. We want to build on this and do everything we can to continue to offer you the best service.

About the marble look wall cladding

Marble is a limestone that is composed, among other things, of coral reefs from the primeval oceans. This crystallization process takes millions of years. We can admire what comes out of this in impressively shiny rock. This shine also gave the marble its name: “Marmaros” is Greek and means something like “shining”. In addition to the long time it takes to create it, the laborious process of extracting marble from the stone wall is also a reason for the high price. Our wall panels made of polystyrene in two different colors are a cost-effective alternative. These imitate the marble effect in a beautiful way. This not only saves costs - the installation is also much easier than that of a heavy marble slab. So discover our wall cladding that shines in a marble look.

Our wall panels in marble look

Take a closer look at our marble look wall cladding. The high-quality print on polystyrene creates this unique effect in 2D design thanks to modern pressing technology. The dark model with a shimmering gold structure gives any room a glamorous touch. Whether living or office space – it quickly becomes clear that there is a lot of style awareness at play.

More choices in marble design

Also take a look at the model with the light textures on a black background. These create a smoky effect. A wonderful design for the lounge area, for example! Measuring 100 x 50 centimeters, the marble-look wall panels are easy to install. In addition to the panels, we also have a wallpaper in our range that has the trendy marble look: Here, the tones of white and stone gray merge together in a delicate composition. The highlight: The self-adhesive back also simplifies installation with this variant.

Advantages of 2D panels:

Deceptively real optics
Material can be painted with acrylic and latex paints
Shock sensitive
Handy format for easy assembly and shipping
Panels: How to integrate the marble look into your interior

Noble, glamorous, elegant, extravagant – marble brings all these attributes with it. Wall panels that look like marble also create a breathtaking ambience. Do you want your guests to gasp in amazement as soon as they enter your home? Then decorate your hallway in this beguiling look. You will see that a graceful-looking entrance area looks much more impressive. Complemented by decadent vases and an antique chair refreshed with glossy varnish, the first room of your home will seduce you in style.

You can dine almost like a prince in an elegant dining area, which gets its royal touch from marble-look wall panels and matching furniture. Imagine a black glass table and sand-colored chairs with the marble panel with a shimmering gold structure - it couldn't be more elegant!

A lounge area with an elegant velvet-covered armchair in front of the wall, which is decorated with marble-look panels, plus a cozy fur on the floor and the extravagant and cozy corner is perfect. Public buildings such as hotels or restaurants and bars can be designed in a similar way. As you can see, there are no limits to your imagination. Wall coverings – whether in a marble look or other designs – make the crucial difference.

Wall panels with a marble look or would you prefer other designs?

If you are unsure whether marble-look panels are the right decoration for your walls, please feel free to take a look around our online shop. We also have variants with a concrete or wood look as well as other designs. There are many other elegant designs in our “Retro / Glamor” category. Here, both retro patterns and glamorous ones mix in elegant color combinations such as gold and black. Perhaps the stucco-look wall panels in the elegant white and gold color combination are exactly what gives your rooms a certain extravagance. Or you can take a look at the unusual sand technique: the delicate sandy tone almost seems to merge with eccentric patterns. The currently very popular concrete look can also give a room an elegant flair.

At a quick glance: wall coverings with a marble look and more

Have you fallen in love with the idea of giving your rooms an elegant and unusual touch? Then wall coverings with a marble look might be just the thing for you! But there could also be something for you in our other categories. We have summarized for you here whether you will find what you are looking for and what we can offer you:

Who is served by us?

Private customers and business customers within Europe
Major customers around the world
What do you expect from us?

Variety of items
A selection of high quality products
Prices as low as possible
Competent and friendly advice
Optimal delivery conditions
If you are still not satisfied with our marble look wall panels or other items or if you haven't found the right product - no problem. An uncomplicated return is of course possible with us.

One step towards dreamy wall design: wall panels with a marble look

As you can see, high-quality, attractive designs don't have to be expensive. With lifelike imitations you can achieve the same effect as the natural material would. Wall panels in a marble look exude pure glamor. With our help and without much effort, you can create a stylish ambience that just makes you feel good. We will be happy to advise you about our products in all categories by telephone or in writing using our contact form as well as by email or WhatsApp. We are happy to be there for you Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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