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Moss 3D panels felt 11100 Nature Green 0,27m²


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Moss 3D panels felt 11100 Nature Green 52 x 52 cm

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Strong green tones, a special surface and a calming appearance – our moss panels are the ideal solution for creating a beautiful and calm indoor climate.

We use high-quality moss for our moss panels. In addition to their natural appearance, they are particularly impressive because of their ease of care: they do not require a special light source, watering or fertilization. This means that there are no additional costs associated with maintaining this evergreen wall design.

The low installation height and quick assembly also make our moss panels the perfect design element for wall design. So how about a new look for the kitchen etc? Create special room accents that not only create a natural atmosphere in the room, but also ensure relaxation and peace. With our moss panels there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to wall design.

Healthy living and sustainability play an important role in our production.

We only use naturally grown moss for our moss panels, which has been carefully selected and mined in sustainably managed regions. The moss is carefully picked by hand and cleaned and made durable using a special process. This means that our moss panels retain their natural appearance even after many years. We avoid the use of ingredients that are harmful to health and consciously rely on tested quality. We use recycled PET as the basis for our moss panels. In this way, we reduce plastic waste and save CO2 during production, which also protects the environment. Thanks to these healthy and environmentally friendly properties, our moss panels invite you to feel good.


But our moss panels are not only convincing in terms of the environment. They offer numerous benefits for your own health. Our moss panels have a calming, relaxing and soothing effect. Both the natural green of the moss panels and the special feel have a positive effect on us as humans. But also by reducing noise in rooms and regulating the room climate, stress is minimized, creativity and productivity are increased and well-being is improved. See for yourself and enjoy all the advantages of our moss panels.

System protected by utility model in Germany.

European patent pending for the system and method of arrangement.

FORMAT 52 x 52 cm

Weight: 1.4kg

Sustainable wall greening

Improving well-being
Pleasant room acoustics
Increase in creativity and productivity
Improvement of the indoor climate
Our 6 mm thick acoustic felt is made from recycled PET. This means we can not only reduce plastic waste with our products, but also save CO2 during production. This in turn saves energy and also protects the environment.

Furnishing your home beautifully and healthily has never been easier than with our moss panels. Whether as a large moss wall or as a single moss element – the size of 52 x 52 cm is particularly practical, stands out and looks extremely chic. There are no limits to creativity thanks to the wide range of possible uses. Since they are also suitable for wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, they can be installed in any room. Thanks to the easy assembly, you can also do this yourself. The low installation height makes the panel ideal for wall decoration. Depending on the size of the area to be designed, this can be done in a short time. For installation, our moss panels can be either screwed or glued. *