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  • 1.Paneele sind 100 x 16,7 cm Groß. (Differenz möglich – dadurch der Material sehr flexibel ist!) 2.Material ist Stoßempfindlich = zerbrechlich 3.Material von diese Paneele ist 3 Millimeter stark ! (3)
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Marble Imitation Origami Ceiling Panels Wall Panels Decors


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3D ceilings and wall panels in origami design as marble imitation made of polystyrene foam!

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  • The wall panels imitate marble. The pattern on the panel is a high quality print. It can perfectly replace an expensive slab made of heavy architectural concrete.
  • Made of polystyrene material (a transparent, foamed white, amorphous or semi-crystalline thermoplastic)
  • Thanks to the modern technology of pressing polystyrene, you can decorate the room with a unique 3D effect.
  • 3D panels can be painted with acrylic and latex paints. (natural colors – solvent-free – no solvent – no thinner)
  • The panels perfectly reflect the effect that can be achieved by using very expensive 3D panels.
  • A wall panel has dimensions of 50x50cm.    One panel = 0.25 square meters.     4 pieces = 1 square meters.

(1-2mm difference possible – so the material is very flexible!) *Material is sensitive to impact = fragile

The color of the panels may vary slightly from the actual color due to the color settings on your computer screen.

Due to different production batches, panels purchased on different dates may vary in color for the same offer. To avoid the above differences, it pays to get the right number of panels so you don’t have to expand the array. Otherwise, there is a risk of buying panels with visible color differences.

You are buying 1 pieces!

  • Material of the wall panels is 4 mm thick. (Polystyrene) The embossing is up to 2 cm high. (depending on the pattern)
  • The panels are mounted with fixing adhesive. Not received in purchase.
    However, it is very important to choose the right adhesive for unusual surfaces such as chipboard / wood panels.
    Do you have any doubts? Ask us!
  • We recommend carefully measuring the area to be used before buying.
    Of course, it can always happen that one or two wall panels get dirty or broken during assembly.
    We do not accept any complaints for damage to your assembly.
* Fire protection regulations and related requirements, at the buyer’s own scope / For public facilities: Information on sanitary facilities can be found in the internal building regulations – Our panels are a decorative material – not a building material.