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3d panels Lamellae EPS styrofoam thermal insulation


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3D panels in slat pattern made of Styrofoam EPS!

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With the 3D slats you have a styrofoam panel that makes your interior unique!

The panel fits perfectly into the layout of modern rooms and bedrooms and allows you to gently break the monotony of the interior design, giving it an elegant character.


The slat panels are made of white EPS Styrofoam thermal insulation.

The slats along the length are connected by a tongue and groove lock. In this way, a homogeneous line is achieved without shifting the slats against each other.

The slats are attached to the wall with Styrofoam adhesive or a professional assembly adhesive (recommended Pattex DK Flex 1000). The adhesive is applied directly to the back of the panel and glued to the wall.

The panels measure 58cm x 44.4cm and are approximately 5.3cm thick. In a few hours you can cover several square meters of wall without even having to get dirty (tube of glue)! The panels can be cut freely with a ball-point knife.

The price is for one panel = 0.2575 sqm


Height: 58cm
Width: 44.4 cm
Thickness: 5.3 cm
Weight 1 plate: 0.25 kg
Material density: 40 kg/m3 +/- 5% (Styrofoam hardness similar to skirting boards, ceiling rosettes)
Material: EPS (polystyrene) for building purposes, self-extinguishing.

*Fire protection regulations and related requirements are borne by the buyer himself/ For public facilities: Information on sanitary facilities can be found in the internal building regulations – Our panels are a decorative material – not a building material.

The panels are packed in bubble wrap, 2 pcs. It is 0.5 m2. Maximum 10 pieces per package!

Purpose and Scope

Decorative panels are intended for indoor use. The panels are mounted on walls and ceilings using mounting adhesive. It is recommended to use glue in tubes; convenient application to the panel and subsequent mounting on the wall or ceiling. The products are not resistant to organic solvents such as acetone, nitro compounds, petrol, etc. In addition, these panels should not be installed near heat sources.

Assembly instructions

A layer of adhesive should be applied to the smooth contact surfaces of the panels with the substrate. The surface on which the panel is installed should be flat, dry and free of dust and grease. If the panels are mounted on paint, peeling paint residues and cracked and peeling plaster must be removed. Large surface defects should be filled with putty so that the contact surface between the panel and the substrate is smooth.

Installation of decorative panels

Styrofoam decorative panels give a lot of freedom in interior design thanks to the ability to easily cut shapes with a wallpaper knife. The panels can be placed in fragments, forming motifs protruding from a smooth wall, or they can cover all or a larger part of the surface. If you want to cover the entire wall surface with panels, start at one of the corners and arrange the panels in parallel rows. Before laying the starting slab, cut off the elements protruding beyond the outline to get a vertical straight edge.

Only the back of the panel should be covered with a layer of putty glue. Press the panel firmly enough when sticking, being careful not to damage the decorative surface. The panels are designed to be painted with water-based paints.

Storage, transportation, security

Products should be transported and stored in the manufacturer’s packaging, stored indoors, away from open fire sources or high temperatures.

The product does not require any special precautions. The product is not intended for children. The products are recyclable.